To all,

I am a first-year Aerospace Engineering student at the Delft University of Technology, situated in Delft, the Netherlands, intending to graduate in 2019. Over the past few years I have developed an interest in the social sciences.

Since this blog concerns mostly with politics, it pays to shortly summarize my political stance. Beforehand, though, I must note that I find that the one-dimensional left and right system does not portray one’s opinion very well. Furthermore, its binary nature makes for easy grouping, with the left dogmatically condemning the right and vice-versa. Nonetheless, my views could be summarized as firmly on the left socially and slightly on the right fiscally, which would make me a social liberal by European standards. Check below for more information.

I sincerely hope that readers will enjoy this blog and share their thoughts and opinions. I encourage all of them to comment and engage with me and others.

I occasionally write for other publications as well, all articles will then be linked to or cross-posted here as to give a full overview of my work. 

A short overview of my views concerning religion and politics:

For one, I am an atheist, which does not mean that I condemn or consider myself superior to religious people. I simply find that religion is a necessity of the past, when explanations of the world were not as abundant as they are now, furthermore, religion used to be an extremely powerful tool in the centralization of government as well as the subsequent suppression of its people. Although it’s wonderful that some manage to see only the good things in religion, I fail to see why anyone would be a good person solely with the help of a god or a set of ancient scripture.

I thus reject religion on the premises that it has no scientific base and that, in the twenty-first century, it brings on balance more bad than it does good. With bad I mean totalitarian Islamic states in the Middle-East (theocracies), terrorism, the Israel-Palestine conflict, I could go on. Besides these conflicts, what most bothers me is that a lack of progressiveness when it comes to equal rights for people of different gender, sexuality and race can be largely blamed on religious dogmas.

As for a further evaluation of my political views: I already noted that I am a social liberal or a centrist in that I stand on the center-right fiscally and the left socially. Economically, I believe that a free market is essential to the prosperity of any country. This does not mean that I support the type of control that financial institutions such as Wall Street have. These large financial institutions simply buy their way into the White House, furthermore, they seem to have forgotten Adam Smith’s idea that capitalism only works if the chiefs in some noticeable way give back to the masses that they employ. Socially, I don’t support religious values and the ancient dogmas they find their roots in, therefore, I see absolutely no reason to preemptively condemn someone because of their qualities or appearance. This does not mean that everyone should be tarred with the same brush – that would make diversity simply more of the same. I simply belief that everyone deserves equal rights from the get-go and has every right to embrace their own ethnicity and accompanying culture.

Due to its Manichean nature, I spare myself a partisan preference in US politics. As with the one-axis left-right spectrum, the two-party system as currently prevails in the States simply makes for a polarized and hyper-partisan political landscape where people’s opinions aren’t valued for their content but merely their fit within the party manifesto.

Nevertheless, I should note that I don’t support Donald Trump: I despise him for both his political ideology as well as his haughty, thin-skinned and unpredictable nature that I find especially terrifying on a global scale.