A short update concerning the blog

As some may have noticed – a little enthusiastic here as stats don’t show a large number of regular visitors – I haven’t been posting much as of late. As I do not wish to disregard this website, my aim is to once again start writing bigger articles on a more or less weekly basis. Besides, as I do not see this covered on other political blogs and sites, I’d like to work on a series of some kind. Namely a weekly update on Dutch politics; short, concise and inevitably opinionated.

Furthermore, the plan is to start using this website more for shorter commentary. These undefined comments – occupying the rather vast void somewhere in between a facebook-post and a proper op-ed – will mostly concern with reactions on other articles, notes and interesting references that might interest some of you. These short comments can be found on the blog page only, links to the bigger- and probably more formal articles can be found on the home page as to allow for efficient reading.

The goal is to grow a larger audience and with that engage with my readers more, hope to see you all follow this blog!

Author: RVorster

FInd me at www.rexgraham.net or occasionally at www.eatprayvote.com.

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